Lets Make Something Really Helpful

Corporate Training Services


Who you are?

We are a bridge between

• University Syllabus to Company Requirements
• Casual approach to Professional Attitude
• Student to Developer
• Jobless to Employee
• We are not training institute but we are corporate trainers... We are a software company We are developers…!!


What you need from us?

Money? - No
(Only there resource consumption charges – max 5k one time.) Then?
Time, Dedication, Hard work, and your own laptop.


Are you teaching same technology to all? - No

• Basic, Object Oriented Approach, MVC to all
• Then we split students into best fitted technology so that they can perform their best.


What will be the duration for this?

• No bar
• Until and unless student is able to do development and get placed by us.
• But we define max 3-4 months. Between these times we will place them.


What will be your Intec?

• We are not going to allow all to join us. We will take a test and take only deserving students.
• Max we will take 30 students in a session.


Which technologies do you know?

• Java (Core, Advance), Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JSP, JPA, Web services, Spring boot, Maven, React JS, etc.
• PHP, Laravel, WordPress, CodeIgniter, OpenCart, Magento, Web services, etc.
• Android, Web services, Push Notification, Google API, etc.
• iOS
• Digital Marketing
• Technical Support, cPanel, Linux Server, Windows Server, etc.
• HTML, XML, JSON, AngularJS, Angular 2/4/5, Ajax, Bootstrap, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, etc.
• Embedded Systems


How will you teach?

• Every Friday there will be session. Session will be for whole day.
• Then different task will be given to all in groups.
• All students must come to office daily and do the task here only.
• Experts will be available for students in company.
• Deserving candidate will get assign to live projects tasks also.
• Separate server will be available for students. All students will have their work portfolio live.

Thank You..!!!

For any further queries feel free to contact us...

+91 8421881175
(0253) 6684755